Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Yesterday I was one, Now I am 3

Milestone time!!! Yep, yet again.

Yesterday I completed one month as a blogger. Have already written about that here.

Today I celebrated another mini milestone. And though its mini, this one has a little more significance as far as its consequences go. I mean, anything that is putting food on your plate, clothes on your back and a roof on your head is something you ne.....err that should have been roof over my head!!! My bad (silly sheepish grin here!) What was I thinking?? Anyway coming back to what I was saying, anything that provides for your basic necessities in life is something you need to give significance. And since my current job is providing for all those, and then some, I would say it assumes a lot more than just simple significance in my life.

Therefore when I complete three months in the job, it becomes a significant milestone, albeit a mini one. And in these three months, I have grown from being a wet-behind-the-ears (have a feeling I have been using too much of that term!!) trainee to a trainer myself, have finished my prescribed course of certification and am now a product consultant.

And just to ram home the point that I am three months old with the firm, they left me a gift. It's 9.45 in the evening and I am still in office, expecting to stay for a while. Nice gift! Enjoying it. :)

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