Friday, August 3, 2007

One of those days

Another week has come and gone. As fast as the week starts, it just takes half the time to go. And it has been filled with work, bone jarring rides, brain cramping traffic and nothing else. And all this against a constant and ever present background of rain. All these have combined to make jack a dull boy. ??!! Ok that is not what I actually wanted to say, but if you think for a second that I am Jack, it's true. What I wanted to say was that all this together have given me a scrambled brain. And with this scrambled brain, I have been attempting to write about one of a lot of things that I have thought about today. I have thought about being diurnal. I have thought about there being no numbers. I have thought about the movie Apocalypto and how they show the violence but leave the horror and the gore to our imagination. Good technique that, by the way. I have thought about some of the funny mail forwards I have got. And there were probably a few more thoughts I had thought up which are currently lost in the scrambled chaos that is my brain. As an aside, I just looked up the word "chaos" and found "rat's nest" listed as a synonym ( Hmm it does feel like a couple of rodents are up there, chewing up everything they can get their tiny paws and jaws on. But wait, if its the rodents up there, my brain can't be scrambled. Right? Aaarrgghh I don't know. And right now I don't care. May be I should change the name of this place from noodle-house to egg-house or rat-house instead!!

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