Thursday, August 30, 2007

Gods must be crazy. Or something

I am not someone who is very devotional and stuff, but there are sometimes when even I have to take notice and recognize the Presence. And yesterday was one such occasion. Yesterday I felt the presence of the Gods.

There I was, merrily motoring down the road, thinking and planning my day when all of a sudden clear skies turned dark, hot and balmy air turned cold and everything dry became everything wet. All this in a second. Or probably in a time much less than that. Where my thoughts had, moments before, been about my day ahead, there, suddenly were a couple of un-printables and I was frantically looking around for the nearest place which could keep me reasonably dry and safe from the cloud-burst. I fortunately found one such place fast enough so that the damage was limited.

There I waited, looking at the cars whizzing by, the occupants unconcerned about getting drenched. T'was one of those rare times when I wished I had a car. But that soon passed and I got back to waiting and willing the rain to stop. And stop it did. After a longish 15 minutes of watching the cars speeding past and the rivulets of water from the road threatening to turn into full scale river, I suddenly noticed the water disappearing faster than it was being replenished on the road and looked up to find the skies clearing. And with a sigh of relief, I got my planning-for-the-day thoughts back online and re-started my journey. Only to suddenly find myself surrounded by the ninja deluge and be forced to make an emergency stop again.

That previous paragraph repeated itself thrice before I got within shouting distance of my dry destination. That was the last traffic light before I sped into the basement parking of the office building and down came the rain. Trapped in the traffic at the light there was just no way to escape it. And this shower was the fiercest of all. Or may be because of the in-escapable situation I found myself in, I felt it that way. Whatever it was, the final score: Rain-1, Vishnu-0.

Or so I thought.

Having had to spend my entire working hours in soaking wet clothes and equally soaked pair of socks, I somehow managed to get through the day and was looking forward to getting back into something dry and warm and comfortable as I started my bike for the journey back home. And no sooner had I thought that thought than it started raining again!! It waited the whole day to pick exactly that time to start again!! Seemed like someone was keeping a watch on my movements and switched it on as soon as I was back on the road. This was a little too much for me to take. So I just made my way back home, not stopping anywhere for shelter or waiting for the rain to stop. I reached home, soaked to my bone marrow and cold as a piece of ice.

Now why did this happen to me? No idea. May be they were just getting bored with running the universe and decided to have some fun. I was their 'fun'.


Anonymous said...

ur blog is the best!!! :)-Sak

me said...


N said...

:) :)

If I were you I'd keep a pair of dry clothes and socks at work and carry a raincoat in my bike - or better , buy a damn car!

me said...

Me and buying a car! So that I don't get wet in the rain! I said Gods must be crazy or something. Didn't say I was crazy, now did I? ;o). Hehe.