Sunday, August 19, 2007


I bet a lot of people would have someone or the other to thank for some timely advice that has helped them improve, become better. Well, this post is my idea of saluting all those people who have given me a lot of good advice to improve my communication skills (Think I don't have any? Well, you can blame said people. And could you please not mention it to my boss. Thank you.)

Before I go into the whole saluting stuff, the mission statement of Noodle-House:
"To be the only premeditated and exclusive target of netizens logging in to get their regular fix of facetiousness, flippancy, farce and fun irrespective of theme."

Confused? Thinking why I suddenly brought in my Mission Statement into a tribute post? If you are reaching for that 'X' on the top corner of the page, hold that thought for a while longer. Please.

Back to that Mission Statement, how about if I re-word it? To read something like this:
"To be the 'Go To' place on the internet for all the people looking for general humor."

See the difference? It's still the same, just a lot neater and cleaner. And this has been the gist of all the assorted advice that has come my way. To K.I.S.S - Keep It Simple Stupid. And this here is a tip of my hat to all those well-meaning folks who have, so generously and graciously, asked me to K.I.S.S. Mwwaaaah. ;)

5 comments: said...

Well said. I often struggle with this when it comes to writing.

Taz said...

=) Ditto!

I too love it when people send me advice - though I like your style. Nice and twisty. I don't think you should change it much more =)

me said...

ablogabout...., I also struggle with it. I know I should keep it simple but sometimes I just have to make it big and complicated. :)

Taz, glad you like it. Thank you.

Happily Anonymous said...

Humor is always a good thing.

me said...

Yes it is.