Thursday, August 2, 2007

Inside My Head

Hello. Gather around folks, since I will now be taking you around on a brief tour of the facility. As you will be noticing throughout the tour, the interiors and exteriors have a rather simple color scheme, mainly utilizing gray and white. You might also, occasionally, notice some highlights in red. The facility essentially consists of 4 chambers, each one similar to the other but distinguished by their placement and use.

The entire facility is arranged in a rough 2 tiered layout to avoid spreading it across too huge an area (which is of course not available) and also to keep the length of the communication channels and wires as short as operationally possible. Beginning at top, we have the chamber in front acting as the control tower, where all the operations are planned and coordinated. This leads to the chamber situated directly behind and slightly around the front chamber we just came out of. This is the image processing control room, tracking, combining and integrating the feeds from the various sensors, most importantly from the basement, and carrying out visual and spatial processing. From here we proceed to the basement chambers, the first of which is situated directly below the chamber above it and slightly around the chamber in front of the chamber above it. You will notice that the first of the basement chambers, where we currently are, is a little to the sides of the IP chamber (Image Processing) appearing as if it's starting to wrap itself around. This basement chamber is where the audio snooping equipment is. All the sound, noise and voice stuff is taken care of from here. Besides which a helping hand is extended to the IP guys with some of the imaging work. This leads us to the final chamber, located in the back of the basement. This far corner of the entire facility is where the all the visual equipment is present, collecting, filing and finally channeling the visual sightings to the IP chamber for processing.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, brings us to the end of this tour. Of course the facility is empty at present because of the large scale maintenance work being carried out. It should be operational soon and I would be happy if you take some time to come and visit again.

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