Saturday, March 8, 2008

I am a Tree

I have just returned from an out of city experience that was supposed to be three days long but ended up stretching across the better part of five. I find myself a little mentally drained because of that experience and taking into account the fact that there nothing much there to drain in the first place, I guess you can say that my condition is a little above alarming and a little below catastrophic on the panic scale. Over the years, I have found that a dose of good, old laziness is the best plug for all mental leaks. That was exactly what I was helping myself to, literally feeling the drains in my brain slowly but surely dry up and close. I was sure I would have the use of my full mental resources by the time I step back into office on Monday. I shouldn't have been so sure!!!

Opening your e-mail and deleting spam is not something that is supposed to be mentally taxing. Especially when that is all there is to your mail. I was about to do a 'Select All - Delete All' when I noticed that there was a new mail in my inbox. In my INBOX!! Get it? I usually don't get stuff in my inbox and my spam filter is quite thorough. But there it was, the rogue that found its way past my spam defense. That shock was enough for my mental drains to start again. I would have blindly deleted it, added the sender to the list of blocked ids and re-started the process of recuperating. But just as I was about to send the electrons on their irreversible path of deletion, the Id happened to ring a bell in some deep recess in my brain. That, in itself, was another shock because that recess was not supposed to be there in the first place! Anyway, first the id and then its human owner started taking shape in my head and I realized that I somehow still remembered my friend from school. Apparently so did he since the proof of that was right there, in my inbox. And by now the drains were fully open and my mental was well and truly on the way out!

The shock slowly gave way to curiosity as I wondered what he had to tell me after all these years. You see, after high school we had gone our separate ways and were in touch for sometime but that was it. And now out of the blue, after a gap of nearly a decade, a mail. No wonder I wondered. Anybody in my shoes would have. Not that I was wearing shoes when I saw the mail, but that’s beside the point. Anyway, I click it open to see what it was he had to tell me. I read through the mail and turns out that he wanted to tell me, after all these years, that I am a Walnut Tree!!!

Just as I read that, I could feel the last of my mental drain out of me.