Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I have been tagged

As a kid, I never listened to my folks. Like the time when they asked me not to step on the wet tiles; I ran on them tiles and still have the scar on my busted chin to remind me. I used to be a real handful for my folks to control. And this inevitably lead to me collecting a variety of tags like 'Naughty', 'Disobedient' and some more that I have not bothered to remember. As the years went by and I found myself in that impressionable age called teenage, I kept my hobby of tag collection alive and kicking. Only, there weren't any more tags, plural. Now there was just tag, singular. And it read 'Rebel'. Not the tattoos and spiked hair kind. That wasn't me. I was a rebel in the "doesn't-have-to-try-too-hard-to-look-cool dude, who just did what he wanted, didn't listen to others and didn't care what others thought or said" mold.

Ok, that part about being the 'doesn't-blah blah-cool dude' was pure, un-adulterated fiction. That can be safely ignored without taking anything away from the truth oozing out of the rest of what I said.

Well, with the 'Rebel' tag more or less intact, I bid adieu to my teens and entered the great twenties. Where my tag was changed, yet again, as recognition of my advancing years and the supposed mental development that’s supposed to accompany said advancement. It now read 'Non-conformist'. Don't ask me how that is different from the previous one, it's supposed to be. And I accepted it because it has a better ring to it than the plain, old 'Rebel'. I guess it came about because of all the things I was doing which were going against the normal trend of events. Everyone was opting to study computers, I opted for the grease and grime of engines and machines. Everyone was opting to go for further studies after school, I opted for a job. Everyone was going for a car, I opted for a bike. I was accused of going against the tide just to get noticed, but they forgot to tell me who was supposed to be noticing! Anyway there I was, a 'Non-conformist' if there ever was any.

I have come quite some way since those non-c days. Now I have a job and know what they meant when they had said things like 'Responsibility' and stuff. As part of my job, I attend conferences using my desk phone and stare at a computer terminal trying to figure out why something was working. And I work long hours. And, as I have done all my life, I do exactly the opposite of what all the others do. Everyone calls it a day at around 7 in the evening, I sign into the office at that time. Everyone is in a rush to finish breakfast and be on their way to office in the morning, I am starting to climb into bed for a hopefully peaceful sleep.

Having taken a peek at my past tags and seeing my rebel and non-conformist activities, it looks like fate has conspired to keep me going down the opposite route. I work the graveyard shift at office. And now I have a brand new tag to add to my collection. It reads 'Crazy'.


Neelima said...

Nice introspection!! When you grow a little more older and the gray becomes more prevalent.. they'll use - 'Contrarian'.

Hey.. just telling you what's coming..that's all!

me said...

Thanks for the heads up. Might as well prepare myself for what is to come.

'Contrarian' here I come!!

morinn said...

I went for a bike too and it was damn awesome! cheers!

me said...

You know what they say about great minds, dont' you morinn. :)