Thursday, August 23, 2007

Fancy a trip into Space?

There is this site where they say they are going to take your blog and transmit it into space. This got me thinking.

Here I have my Noodle-House, which I religiously update everyday, pouring my heart into it along with anything I might be drinking at that time and whatever remnants I can scavenge from my brain. So what will happen if I arrange to have the contents of this blog beamed into the great beyond? I don't know for sure but here are my 2 guesses worth the proverbial 2 cents.

For the first half a cent I would guess that it perhaps would end our search for alien life. I seem to remember that for some years now, we have been sending off random, meaningless-on-earth-but-hopefully-meaningful-to-them signals into space hoping that someday we will get some kind of a response from some far off intelligent life form. Once they start getting this feed down their antennae and up their receivers, they will come and personally deliver the message to us humans that if the gibberish doesn't end now, they are never going to show themselves.

For the remaining one and half cent, my guess is that I would become a space visitor myself. With us humans having run out of space, on and above terra firma, to pollute, we have now started looking at the great beyond for new, uncharted territories to do the same. And this enterprising nature of mankind has resulted in that un-inhabited space, that we refer to as 'Space', becoming fairly well-inhabited with human folk. These believe that being tethered to home base is all that is required to live. But once they start getting my beamed-up blog, they might find the idea of a free float in space very attractive. Especially, if it is me doing the floating.

These two possible outcomes, which might become very probable very fast, and my compassionate nature, which refuses to let me hurt life forms in outer space (human or otherwise), are right now stopping me from letting the whole wide universe know about Noodle-House.


Alan said...

Does anyone know precisely how they plan to beam the submitted blogs into spare. Or maybe I should say what exactly the mean about beaming them into space. I couldn't help but notice as soon as I submitted my site I got a welcome to payforpost mailing list e-mail and I kind of wonder if it isn't just a scheme to get people on their mailing list?

me said...

Hmmm. I didn't try to submit mine so don't know what exactly happens. But it does sound like a scheme to get people's e-mails.