Hola Gente.

For those of you who are wondering what that is, it's 'Hello People' in spanish. And for those of you who now think I know spanish, sorry. My spanish is limited to Hola Gente!!!

A little over three decades old, a little under half a dozen feet high and a little overweight is what I am physically. As for the mental aspect, almost everyone who knows me, and some who don't, agree that I am. So thats me.

'Arbitrary Servings from the Noodle Joint upstairs' is intended as an outlet for the sudden, spontaneous and not so spontaneous thoughts which, after finding their way in, grow roots and mutate into something big enough for me to acknowledge their presence in my already over-crowded mess of a brain. I invite you to read and enjoy this and share your thoughts here but please remember, I am in no way responsible for the after effects and would like to categorically state that I do not pay for either broken computer terminals or addled brains.

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