Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My very own Travel Blog

Have you ever tried to blog when you are completely exhausted, when the only thought in your mind is to lie down and sleep. I have. Just now. This post is a result of my attempt to conquer my exhaustion and stay awake.

There is a reason behind this attempt and it is not as masochist as I am trying (so hard) to make it sound. My exhaustion is very true and the urge to sleep is overwhelming (So overwhelming, in fact, that I had dozed off twice while typing the word 'overwhelming') but my non-masochist reason for persisting with this endeavor is pretty simple. I simply am in no position to do so.

At present, I am not sitting comfortably at a desk typing this. I am traveling down what passes off as a road in what manages to pass-off as a car, returning from a client meeting which started late and ended later. Lots of rough cut stones, and I mean a lot of them, held tight by tons of sand and dirt is an apt description for this road I am traveling on. And I am not “vocabularily” qualified to comment on this contraption purporting to transport me back to somewhere more comfortable. And as such I did not want to fall asleep in here, to get tossed around like in a blender, and wake up to find myself scattered all over the backseat of the car. That's why this rather desperate attempt to keep myself awake by blogging.

Now I have this massive throbbing in my left temple. Could it be because of trying to type this thing while traveling down that excuse for a road? Naah! I think it's just my left temple trying to wake my right one which must have given in and fallen asleep during the ride.


Jamie said...

Take two aspirin and call me in the morning ; ) Seriously though, I really like the way you write. Very illustrative!

me said...

Hey thanks for the advice doc. So should I take the aspirin one after the other or should I just treat both of them equally and gulp them down together? ;)

Thanks for the compliment. Glad you liked it.

12 years old blogger said...

i hate blogging when i am exhausted

me said...

I just realized I hate it too! :)