Thursday, August 9, 2007

I have a problem

The problem statement:'How to get traffic to my blog and how to get them to start clicking so that I make cart loads of money and live happily ever after.' The solution might look rather obvious, like 'Write-what-people-will-read' or 'Have-posts-with-keywords' or some stuff like that. But if I were to do the obvious, I wouldn't be writing a blog at all. Let me be very clear. I am not writing to make money. If I start doing that I will not need to go to the gym for weight reduction anymore, I will starve my way to it! Nope, I'm not that stupid. Rather, I want to make money because I am writing this blog. And to find the easiest way of doing that, I have been scouring the WWW (obviously).

That was an unintentionally long explanation for something that is not even at the core of what I wanted to write about today, but then that’s how my ideas wander around, so please excuse. Granted, that I actually don't know what I wanted to write about, but that still was long and it was unintentional.

Ok, so where was I? Yes, I was searching the net for a solution to my money making problems. And as part of that search, I landed up at this place called the BlogCatalog, which is, in its own words "The premiere social blog directory on the Internet". To cut short a very long story, about me registering in, hosting my blog, making friends and all that, suffice to say that my blog is now part of that directory. And I usually go through the discussions on the board there 1. To see if someone has the same problem as I do and 2. To see if someone else provides the solution.

News Flash:
I haven't found an answer yet (am not giving up though. I want the dough!!)


steve said...

Hope you keep on enjoying Blog Catalog. It's a great community over there....

Just added you to my Technorati Favorites by the way. Any chance you can add me to yours?


Serena said...

Please let me know too when and IF you found the answer and key to the dough! :D