Friday, August 17, 2007

Major Blooper

There have been a whole lot of names I have been called during my current tenure on this earth. Names ranging from nouns indicative of various beings in the animal kingdom to nouns which didn't really indicate anything and thus came to indicate me!! Of course there is every possibility that I have been called some un-mentionable names as well but since they haven't been mentioned to my face, I am not mentioning them either. I have also been accused of being lots of things. Like lying, being lazy, being smart and handsome and some such imaginary and non-imaginary things. But I have never, ever, been accused of trying too hard. Never, that is, until now.

I have a female sibling. My part of the world, we call such people sister. Not to be confused with the sister in 'Sister Mary Clarence'. My sister is a full 3 years older than I am. And believe me, that's all the 'oldness' she has ever needed to boss me around (With that one, I can see myself losing one of my two regular readers. But, let me not digress. I shall mourn the loss of half my readership later). And she is the one who has had the temerity to accuse me of trying too hard!

Ha! Imagine that. Me - the life-long, self-declared and self-proclaimed master of 'The Take-it-as-it-comes Technique of Happy Living' - trying too hard!!! And for what?? To appear funny and humorous on my blog!!

Yo sis, you can make mistakes, but this one is a blooper!!! ;)


Anna Lozyk Romeo said...
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utwou said...

It seems that you have more than two readers :) Keep the good job :)

me said...

Anna: Thanks. Glad you liked it.

Utwou: :). I am glad to be proved wrong in this case. Thanks for the comment.

Chris said...

Luckily I have never had an older sister, just 2 younger brothers and a younger sister.

Next time she goes in her room, lock her in

me said...

Unfortunately Chris, I would then have to contend with my brother-in-law and my neices. :).