Sunday, August 5, 2007

Out of Control

Have you ever felt too much is expected out of you? Felt that, because of this, you are losing control of what you are doing? Well I have. Quite a few times. And the first time it happened is still very much clear in my mind's eye.

The first time was when I was about 2, going on 3. I had just about started walking confidently, on my own, and was pleased as punch about it (of course that walking of mine resembled that of someone punch drunk but still, I was walking). That was when I was in control.

Or rather thought I was. I say that because apparently I was not. There's this other skill called talking that I was supposed to have gotten a grip of by that time (Someone did mention this to me but hey couldn't I just finish one and then come to the next one??). And since the communicating sounds I was using didn't fall under what they recognized as speech (snobs!!!) they almost branded me a 'retard'. I, for one, really didn't understand what the big deal was about. If the reason for talking was to communicate, then I was doing pretty well for myself at that point in time. I was getting through to whom ever it was I wanted to get through to. If I wanted attention, I would shout. Or bawl. Or cry. Or wet myself. Or a combination of all of these. If I wanted to show something to someone, I did the tug and point routine. If I saw something I liked, I would just say its name! For example, I saw a fish, I said "IF", "IF", "IF" and they understood. I saw a plane flying, I pointed up and just went "AAAA", "AAAA" and they got the point. My point here being that with my communication skills already so well developed, I didn't understand why they were making a song and dance about me not being able to 'Talk'!!

But that's what happened. And, totally disregarding my opposition to being forced to learn something useless, I was taught how to speak. And everything else that goes with it. Hmph. Talk about not being in control!!


Neelima said...

Look who's complaining about being coerced into learning to communicate like a human...but for that, you'd be blogging quite effectively in primordial sounds!!!

Unfortunately, the pre-disposition to get your point across by tugging and pointing seems genetic..Your niece is following suit.. thank you!

me said...

Which just means that my niece is on the way to becoming a female me. Tall, smart and beautiful. Be happy about it. :)