Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Just completed One

I am one today. Seriously. un. ein. uno. um. one. Completed. Done. Dusted. Archived. Phew! Long journey. Looked like it wouldn't end. But end it did and thank God for that. Is there a 'Happy-Birthday-to-you' clone available that I can sing for myself on this occasion? Well, seeing how cloning is considered un-ethical and against nature, I don't think anyone has come up with one yet. In which case I will probably exercise my gray 'need-to-exercise' cells sometime in the future and come up with one myself. Provided someone doesn't do it before I do (which, I am hoping, is what should happen!).

Now that I know I can last for one, I know I can do it for another one as well. And after that, may be the one after that as well. And the one coming up after that one as well. Yes, and as I pile up the numbers I will also probably have something to show for it (which right now, after just one, I don't). Yep, that's a definite possibility and a motivating factor. But any kind of longevity in any field ultimately depends on quality of work, so here's hoping that my work exudes quality like it has been doing for the last one month.

noodle-house is one month old today. :). And on this momentous occasion I would like to thank all my supporters without whom I wouldn't have been able to survive this long. A big, heartfelt Thank You to Google, Wikipedia, Dictionary.com, Webshots, MS Office, HP, Dell, IE, Opera, Firefox and last but definitely not the least, Notepad.


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Matt said...

Congratulations on your anniversary. I remember when I was one and I think you're handling yourself much better. I mostly just cried and crapped my diaper.