Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Need for vigorous head shaking

My big, spacious holder of laughing-gas like thoughts, perched in the upper reaches of my cranium is, for some reason, acting uncharacteristically weird. In the sense that though it is still big and still spacious and still continues to function as a holder, the contents being currently held seem to be devoid of the laughing-gas like property I was talking about. No funny anecdote, no interesting event I can put a witty spin on, no nothing that I can actually use. Zilch. Absolutely no presence of anything distantly resembling humor to be found there. Instead, everything there seems to be seriously boring or boringly serious. Or somewhere in between the two.

It must be because I came back from work early. Earlier than my usual time, that is. It's been a while since I actually did that. Usually I return home from work fashionably late. But today I couldn't really justify sitting in office after hours, even if my job depended on it. So I came home. As it turned out, I was unfortunately in time to catch that most depressing, enthusiasm-sappingly bleak piece of broadcast software ever conceived by man, woman or for that matter any other living or non-living organism in this world. The evening news. That, I am sure, is the reason my funniness quotient has taken an unscheduled leave of absence for an unknown period of time. In fact I am more than just being sure, I am very sure!

I need to go and shake my head vigorously to try and get these thoughts out.

"Sorry folks. Production in the funny factory is temporarily put on hold. There has been an attack of seriousness which is being dealt with even as you read this. We hope to have this contamination contained and cleared before it causes any serious damage to the cranium. Expect regular funny production to start by the time you realise something is wrong. Thanks for your understanding support."


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