Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Waiting for some condensation

I am sitting here, all alone, thinking about what to write. The solitude is not helping one bit. The juices, that my brain usually marinates in, are not flowing. Instead it feels like my brain is on a slow boil in those very same fluids. I have a bad head-ache to prove it. I also have a list of titles like 'Disadvantages of finishing first', 'Writing Adventures' and 'Soaked to the skin' waiting to be converted into those one page, trying-to-be-funny gibberish that appear here posing as my blog posts. Oops, did I just describe my posts as trying-to-be-funny?? Strike that out. Noodle-house posts are naturally funny. They don't have to try. And one man's gibberish is another man's words of wisdom. So, I leave it to the people reading this to make that call. Ok, where was I? Yes, I was telling that I had a list of insanely funny topics waiting for their equally rib-tickling subject matter to be added.

Now, I was neither born with a stylus in hand nor am I a self taught writer. Which roughly translates to 'writing doesn't come naturally or easily to me'. I work, really hard, to write as much as I manage to write. By hard, I mean the sweating-at-the-brow variety. Sitting in an air-conditioned room. The brilliant little thoughts that I think and write about would probably last all of half a line if I didn't put in so much hard work and use so much of my supposedly non-existent creativity.

Today, though, nothing seems to work. Like I mentioned, my brain's on a boil. Literally. I can see my posts evaporate in front of my eyes. And there's nothing I can do about it but hope that they hit that cold air pocket so that condensation and the subsequent rain of ideas can happen.

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