Wednesday, August 29, 2007

United Colors of ....

What is Yellow and Black with a dash of Red? I will give you a clue: It's the same thing that was White and Blue and Beige yesterday. Got it? Not yet? Here's another clue. On Monday, it was Beige and Black with a dash of Red. Give up yet? If you haven't got it by this time you better just give up, whether you want to or not. Because I don't have any more clues to provide.

Ok the answer is me. I. Vishnu, owner of the to-be-renowned Noodle House blog.

Are you wondering whether I got badly beaten up on all these days and have taken up so many hues instead of the regular black and blue? Thinking that dash of red is me bleeding? Well, wonder not. And perish the thought.

Those are just the colors I was dressed in these last three days. And the dash of red is my tie.

:) Got you, didn't I? ;)

Are you wishing you had your hands around my throat right now?? Or are you googling to see if you can find where I live? Planning on how you will enjoy making me stop writing?

Got three words for you: Keep Dreaming.

PS: Ok, so I can't count. Sue me!


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You have an enigmatic smile. You do. :)