Friday, February 15, 2013


So yet another 14th of Feb has come and gone. There was the usual hype about it and with the amount of Valentine's Day crap put out by the various TV channels including the news channels - breaking V Day related news was that a whole lot of people came together to celebrate their "pets" getting officially married!! - there was an 'overdose' of love in the air, literally. Of course we rolled our eyes at the whole thing because we think of ourselves as being the non-demonstrative types (Ahem!!) and specifically because we are averse to the celebrate-love-on-V-Day kind of celebrations. So me and the smart one marked the day by having "Phirni" with hot milk, after our work day had turned into work night before it took pity on us and called it a day.

Thus being laid to rest, the 14th gave way to the 15th, the smart one reached office as usual and then made my day by sending in the below pic of the scene on her desk.

Mc D provided figurines of Fiona and Shrek having a sweet 'Valentine Day'esque dialog!! Had me rolling. :D

P.S. In case its not obvious enough, here's the (rough) translation. It loses quite a bit though!

Fiona: Shall I give you a punch?
Shrek: HELP!!!