Saturday, August 11, 2007

Welcome, once again

Phew that was a long day. What did I do? Well, I woke up late (later than usual that is), lounged around the house, watched TV, was on the comp and had food in between. And now I am here. But if I made it sound like it was one of those lazy weekends, please excuse. That part about me being on the comp, that was when I did my most work. There's this scheduled training starting Monday, about which I was informed on Friday evening. So was preparing for that. But during the course of that, I started thinking about my blog layout. Now don't ask me why I started thinking about my blog when I was doing something totally not related. I don't know. And isn't that how all great ideas are born?? Kekule and his Benzene dream, Archimedes and his Eureka moment, Newton and his Apple moment!! I guess there are a lot more examples out there, well-known and otherwise.

Anyway, so I started thinking about my blog layout. I have a 15.4" widescreen screen and on it I was seeing huge, vast acres of real estate unused and barren. There was just this thin strip, covering about a third of the screen width, which had some construction on it. In those cramped quarters, my writings, those pearls of my wisdom, were fighting for eyeball space with the well known unnecessary essentials of the blogoshpere. Guess this state of affairs left me really hurting deep down, for it to intrude while I was busy thinking about legacy modernization tools (by the way, that’s my job description - Legacy Modernization Tool!! ;) ).

Finally decided to do something about it and now what you see here is the result (I am guessing here that if I were to read this post on a feed, all this talk about blog layout wouldn't make much sense but hey, you can't please everyone. And who knows, may be people will come here because of the curiosity factor!!). This new template, with the 3 columns, is almost exactly what I wanted. And for this I would like to thank Thur Broeders and his Blogger Workshop. I spent the better part of my afternoon tweaking the template, getting my widgets arranged and everything else set up (by which I mean I got those same un-necessary essentials, the Ads, back) and am kind of satisfied with it now. In future I will tweak it a little more or maybe I will go back to the same old template but for now, Welcome to the new look Noodle-House. Enjoy the same old arbitrary servings in an all new surrounding.


Tammy Duplessie said...

This is the first time I visited your site so I don't know what it looked like before, but I like it!

me said...

Thanks Tammy. Imagine the right side widget bar and the left side widget bar were not there. That was what it looked like before.

Sakina Adeeb said...

Finally those ugly looking skulss the blog looks like u...;-)...keep guessing what i meant :P