Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My defining moments

It's the 15th of August. Independence Day. And here I am. Back, like I promised to be (in my last post). Having stolen the lead over the others (whom I had labeled 'bandwagon jumpers') I am back now to complete what I had started yesterday.

First, to bring you the so called '10 defining moments in 60 years of Independence'. These have been put together by a news channel. I say 'so called' because, though I don't know enough history to actually contradict them, I am not willing to accept their view blindly and make it mine. Anyway, it’s an interesting hour long video made in 5 parts. Take a look.

There. Now that I have done my bit to celebrate the I Day, let’s get down to business. Presenting to you, on this momentous occasion

'The Four and Half defining Moments in the 27 years of my Life':

1. Born in 1979, I was a healthy kid. Strong bones, a very healthy pallor, good appetite and a strong, thick skull. My parents were over the moon. Healthy baby. And that too, healthy BOY baby. But as the days passed, doubts started arising. About the state of my mental development. Not in terms of me being "mad" but regarding the development of my other faculties. Compared to my elder sister (who is a bit of an achiever actually) I was slow in developing my linguistic skills. As they despaired over this and exhausted their cache of prayers, I, almost 3 years old then, came up with my first coherent and properly pronounced line (Sorry don't remember what I said!!). That there was my first defining moment, the moment I spoke. Last time I checked, I was still going strong!!

2. Kindergarten is that part of my memory that doesn't even lend itself to sepia colored or black and white continuous images. Rather, it's a fast, blurry film, moving forward in jerks and jumps. And amidst those jerks and jumps, suddenly some faces come to the forefront very clearly. And almost all of those faces are female!! From the class teacher to the principal to that girl with whom I shared my lunch to my sister's class mates and her class teacher. Don't know what else I learnt in KG but I realized the considerable charm I could exercise over the ladies!! My second defining moment.

3. I had to really wait a looooong time before I could ride a bike. I mean the human powered, thin wheeled variety. After falling and scrapping my knees and elbows, and everything in between, numerous times, I finally managed to sit on it and stay there. And that's when I discovered speed. My third defining moment. No, not 'Speed = snorting' kind. The 'Speed = rate-of-motion' kind. After that, going slow, on two, three or any number of wheels, has been anathema.

4. My fourth defining moment is something I really can't pinpoint. I am unable to give exact timelines as to how I started blowing spit bubbles or when I started with chewing gum bubbles. I don't remember the first time it happened, probably because I never imagined at that point that itwould have such a profound effect on the rest of my life. But over time, as I continue to see and learn from life around me, spit bubbles or chewing gum bubbles have started representing the bubbles we live in. We hope they keep growing and never break. But more importantly, it's a mess if it breaks.

And my final defining moment, the one I term the '4 and 1 Half', is a work in progress. My Noodle-House. And it's a work in progress because I am yet to figure out what this defines.

:). Ciao.

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