Friday, August 10, 2007

Writing from an Inspired Mind

The inspiration for this blog comes from all those other blogs out there that carry posts advising people on what they need to do when suffering from a bout of writer's block. They usually come under the heading "TOP insert a number here Ideas/Things to do when you can't blog" and have pointers like 'Clean up your page', 'Correct old typos', 'Quote other blogs/Do blog reviews' and stuff like that.

So, taking a cue from all those well-meaning and helpful folks, I have decided to come up with a list of my own. But not just any other 'top-so-many' list. This is a list of the First 10 things to do. And please let me know if you think the pointers here have been copied (any copying, if proven, is entirely and purely unintentional). Here goes

First 10 things to do when afflicted with the afore-mentioned malady - writer's block:

  1. -Heave a sigh of relief. You don't have to worry about who is getting ready to sue you because of what you write.
  2. -Try and stand up. Be careful though, your leg muscles might not be up to it because of all that sitting on your behind.
  3. -Explore your surroundings and familiarize yourself with it. It won't look good if you get lost looking for the loo, in your own house.
  4. -You might find pieces of paper lying around which look like blogs - lots of Ads with some columns in between. Pick them up and try reading them. Loud. (Just to check if your vocal chords are functioning the way they are supposed to).
  5. -Try and practice opening and closing your eyes repeatedly. There are things called 'eye lids' and they are there to be used. Use them.
  6. -Go and look out of the window. Then look at a calendar. Find out what date it is.
  7. -Play back the answering machine and start returning those calls. Warning: Given the number of calls you missed since the last block, you might need to spend some considerable time on the phone.
  8. -Try and remember if you are married. If you remember and if you are, all the best!!
  9. -Hear some rumbling noise?? Well that's from your starving stomach. And while you are taking care of it, see those cobwebs and maggots crawling in that dusty pile? That was food once upon a time. You might want to clean that up.
  10. -And that overpowering stink!! That is you. You might want to clean that up too.

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