Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Principle of Good Blogging

Its been a long day. As in reeeaaaalllyyy looooooooonnnggg. Somewhere below I had mentioned that my day went by really fast and all that but that was then. This is now! Anyway, during this long day of mine I happened to stumble upon some free time and decided to make the best use of it. By browsing the world wide web. It was during this sudden and unexpected bout of browsing that I came across this discussion. It was about what the definition of a good blog was. Or rather, about what made a blog 'Good'. (You can find the discussion here but am not sure if non-members can see it). After going through it, I figured that though the answers were subjective most people who were in on the discussion were, more or less, saying the same thing. That a 'Good' blog for them was one which had material that they liked to read. Something similar to beauty being in the eyes of the beholder and such. But there was also something about long winded verbal spiels being frowned upon with one particular person saying 'A good blog should eschew obfuscation'! :). Made me smile. If I followed the 'eschew obfuscation' principle of good blogging, I'd probably have to end up being very lucid and unequivocal which would in turn mean that I'd have to stop blogging. So I shall have to just disregard that piece of advice in the hope that there are others who do not think like that person and they out-number those who do.

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Etienne said...

Be yourself and just blog whatever content you think is right and worthy .
A comment on your paragraphs, could it be separted in 4-5 lines per paragraph, hard to red seriously my friend.