Friday, July 13, 2007


Wo my gawd! Its been nearly a day and I haven't written anything yet today!! Now, I know that apart from me, no one else usually pays much attention to what is in here. And by the massive lack of comments so far, I guess the few people who have actually managed to find their way here won't be too bothered if they don't find anything new here today and that is assuming that they come back here to check this page a second time. And these are the exact same reasons why I am the one bothered that there is nothing here today. Given that I usually write inconsequencial stuff about equally inconsequencial things, this lack of anything from me today doesn' bode well for me. I have selected, for my writings here, a theme that looked like exercising my thought process to the least possible extent. But what is actually happening is that the 'exercising my thought process' is going so far that it is no longer an exercise but a full blown work-out and frankly speaking I am not built for that. That is why I am scared. Scared that, if the only way for me to come up with something to write is to actually put some thought into it, I wouldn't be able to keep this page active for much longer. And that will be bad because I so want to keep this active and open and fresh so that it will remind me of what I am and give me back my identity if, by mistake, I grow up and grow some brains. You see, whether its computer software or your identity, its always a good idea to have an up-to-date backup. Especially in these days when software virus infections are as common as a common cold and identity theft is as simple as typing 'identity theft'!!! Anyway, though all this ranting has helped me vent my steam build-up, there still is that issue to be addressed: What do I write today? As I have just explained, my identity is at stake here!


Anonymous said...

i no like the skull picture there!!!!

me said...

The skull picture is just for fun. To show someone enjoying the noodles!!!