Sunday, July 22, 2007

Can you read this?

Terhe was tihs old e-mial frorawd wcihh siad taht no mtaetr how the lttrees of a wrod are jbumeld, we wlil aaylws be albe to raed and unnaesdrtd it if the fsrit and the lsat lteretrs wree riteeand as in the oiiagrnl, pre-jeblumd vioesrn. The rsoaen bhnied bnieg taht we do not raed one lteetr at a tmie but rheatr look at it mroe as a gorup of lrtetes and sncie the frist and lsat leretts are the smae, we attullomaaicy map waht we raed wtih the wrod we konw aaderly. Semes lkie a good roasen not to bhetor wtih spilenlg armynoe!! Wetehhr ture or not, it srue mekas for setominhg ileesingrntty slily eguonh for me to witre auobt.

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