Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I am 'Wonder'ful

I have noticed that I usually wonder a lot. For instance, even as you are reading this, I am wondering why anyone else would read this. But then thats neither here nor there. Its somewhere else. Anyway, getting back to where I started, I am having frequent bouts of 'wonder'ful moments. And one such came recently when I came across this thing called AdSense offered by google. It is the way, according to google, by which they would be able to display 'relevant' ads in my blog page. By 'relevant' they meant something connected to the topic(s) covered in the blog. Really!!?? And to sweeten the deal, and get me to sign on the proverbial line, they also said that I stand a chance of making some money by letting out my blog page space to this AdSense thingy. Well, where there is the lure of money, there is space to let out and so I did. Gave them the primest piece of real estate on my page. (What?? You don't see it? Stop kidding, its right there under your nose. There, under that green thing in the white cup. Yeah, there at the bottom of the page! Yes). And once I did that, I immediately had that 'wonder'ful moment I was talking about earlier. I wondered what sort of topical ads they would put on my page, given that the range of topics covered by my writings is quite extensive. So off I go to see what they have come up with and this is what I found there:

An ad for disaster relief?!!?!?! Now don't get me wrong, I am all for helping people at the receiving end of a natural calamity. But having a disaster relief ad on my blog page, where there is not even a whiff of anything close to being in the vicinity of what can be termed a calamity, tells me what sort of a disaster they think my blog is!! Wonderful!!