Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thought Scrapbook


I had been hearing about different people having blogs and had been a regular reader of some others before I decided to take the plunge and have one of my own. The way I look at it, this is just a place where I give form to one of the many threads of thought in my head. Nothing more, nothing less.

Recently, as I was meandering around the net, I came across the 'meaning' of blog. As in the dictionary definition of it. And according to the definition, blog is an online diary or a personal chronological log of thoughts put on the web. This got me thinking. According to this, does my blog actually qualify as a blog? If not, then may be I should just call it an online scrap book. So, to all you folks who have found your way here, welcome to my online scrap book of thoughts. Hope you find your stay here enjoyable.

On a different note, BLOG also happens to be the stock ticker for the company BladeLogic which is a Change Management software provider.

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