Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Gift of Gab

Gab, as defined by no less than Merriam-Webster herself (or is that a 'himself'? or a 'themselves'? Anyway...), is to talk in a rapid or thoughtless manner. So gift of gab is basically the gift to talk in a rapid, thoughtless manner. I wonder why any one would call such an ability a gift? Using that as an analogy, if I drive a car in a rapid, thoughtless manner and call it 'cab', would they then say that I have the gift of cab?? Doubt that! They are more likely to hand me a bill for damaged goods, defaced faces and disfigured figures and call it the gift of 'tab' instead. So, at the risk of repeating myself, why is the gab thing a gift? And staying on the same topic, talking in a thoughtless manner is also called 'blabber' So does that mean we can call this gift, the gift of blab? Something behind me, I mean at the back of my mind, says that we can but then it wouldn't sound as nice as the original G.o.G. Instead we can change it to Bequest of Blab - B.o.B! Now it not only sounds nice, it sounds more complicated as well. 'B.o.B.' yeah!!

As an aside, the great online know-it-all, sometimes a.k.a google, threw up this interesting piece of info. GAB supposedly stands for Guojia Anquan Bu or the Chinese Ministry for State Security!! Hmmm, so now I wonder what Gift of GAB means. Could it be a state sponsored tour of the more scenic locations within the state penitentiary, free lodging inclusive!?!?!! Hmmm.

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