Monday, July 23, 2007


Time was when we were all using the phone as our major communication (as in talking!!) device. We were using postcards and letters. We were meeting friends at hangouts. We traveled to meet relatives.

Times change.

Want to connect to people, meet friends and make new ones, go to orkut, facebook, flickr etc. Want to send a note, get a free account in one of the multifarious e-mail providers and you are set. Want to talk to people, go the voip route. Want to meet your relatives in some other town, get a webcam.

So where you previously had a phone, a few postcards, a vehicle and a ticket you now have a computer, a computer, a computer and a computer. Actually make that just one computer. With an internet connection and a few accessories.

This doesn't automatically mean that the "tools" we used to use have become obsolete and useless. No. The phone, or the cell phone as it is popularly known today, is used for scheduling your day, storing notes, storing music, tuning into radio, watching movies, playing games and taking pictures to name but a few. Postcards are used to send in viewer votes for TV programs!! Hangouts these days are almost exclusively eat-outs (you still can't eat out of a comp yet!). And we still travel (using the same "old" means) but mostly only for business reasons.

They say change is the only permanent thing in this world. So expect this scenario to change too. A couple of years down the line, I might again comment about how things have changed. But in that way, I wouldn't have changed!! ;)

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