Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Falling Orb

Connect the following:
Gottfried Leibniz; Hannah Ayscough; Dan Brown
Got the connection? Yes? Good. You can stop now.

No? Consider these scenarios.
1.You are sleeping, peacefully, dreaming that nice dream you always dream while sleeping. Until your boss picks you out from the crowd of dozing people and asks you for an opinion on what he just said.
2.You are on that dream bike of yours, your dream sitting behind you, air in your hair and not a worry in your head. Until you see the traffic cop lazily walk into your path, big grin on his face and speed gun in his hands.
3.You are walking down the street. You realize there is one mongrel interested in you. Now you are jogging down the street. Suddenly you realize that you have the attention of the full pack of street mongrels. Now you are running full tilt.
4.You stub your toe, you yelp. You break your toe, you yell.

Now did you get it?

Google, a taste for popular fiction and knowledge of some physics will tell you that the answer is Newton. And Dan Brown 'influenced' the post title.

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