Saturday, July 7, 2007

At the movies

Was recently in a theater trying to watch Jhoom Barabar Jhoom. Big bad mistake that turned out to be. Trying to watch that movie I mean. All that the actors, Abhishek, Preity and Bobby, have to do is over act and they manage to do that admirably well. Really good display. Ah yes, Lara Dutta is in there too. But since she is the only one not over acting, you probably will miss her for much of the movie. Sitting in that darkened place made me wonder why the movie was made in the first place. To give credit where it is due, the premise of the movie is indeed novel. You dont see many movies made where half of it is shot just showing two people talking to each other sitting at a coffee table in a railway station and falling in love. But you would expect a movie running for a little over two and half hours to have a little more to it than just an interesting premise as a base. Like more intelligent content and atleast slightly more intelligent protagonists for starters. And the most unanswerable of all the questions regarding this movie is this: Amitabh. What and why is he in it? Just about the only thing that kept me sane and the sparse hair on my head intact throughout the duration of this so called 'movie' was the group of friends I went to watch this with. Though the movie didnt make us laugh, we had a good time laughing at it.

I might have just made myself sound like a snob but hey no probs. To each his own I guess. Anyways, I am now waiting for Ratatouille (for some weird reason called 'french', it is pronounced 'Rat-a-tooie'). From what I have read, seems like it is right down my alley as far as films go. Hopefully it turns out to be just that.

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Sakina said... usuall u are good at talking..and blabbering..and writing too! am fida on u!