Monday, July 30, 2007

Rain Rain Go Away

It’s such a pain. This rain.

To start with it’s unseasonal. Ok, given the boiler room conditions which envelope this city during the summer, a little unseasonal rainfall is actually good and welcome. But mind you, I said a little. What we are experiencing, and have been experiencing for quite some time now, is a LOT of unseasonal rainfall. Incessant, persistent, mind numbing rain. Add to it the 'monsoon ready infrastructure' (yeah right!!) in the city and it’s not just the mind that goes numb. I won't complain about the people responsible for the infrastructure (or the lack of it) because I would then be expending my energy but have absolutely nothing to show for it. So I will just crib about the rain and hope that at least up there someone is listening.

It's such a pain. This rain.

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