Sunday, September 9, 2007

Why Blog?

There are different ways of categorizing my life. For example, I could talk about life before I was born and after I was born. I could talk about my life before I could speak and after I learnt to speak. Or life before I got a job and after I got a job. Or life before I realized I was God's attempt at new design gone wrong or after. Wait, scratch that first example. Bad example. Anyway, for the sake of this entry, I can look at it as before Noodle House and after.

Before I started, blog, for me, was what people used to post their views (rant) on various things they thought affected their life. Blog was also a privately maintained news site. Since I didn't have anything to rant about and wasn't interested in collecting news, I was happy jotting down my thoughts on scraps of paper during some boring class (No shortage of those where I studied). But I kept running into blogs of different kinds with increasing frequency and started to wonder about how people start and maintain their blogs. At that point I was not so much interested in starting one myself than to find out how people, who seemed as ordinary I, were going about doing it. That interest eventually landed me on the homepage of Blogger. At around the same time, I also realized that I needn't be interested in news or ranting to have a blog. I got started and here I am, today, tapping away at the keyboard furiously where I used scribble away furiously on a piece of paper.

For me, wanting to write is like an OCD. The trains of thought starting in my head usually start because they have a unique, un-intendedly funny route to take. Instead of just thinking about them and chuckling to myself, I usually write down the route my trains take so that I can read them back at a later time and have a laugh. The problem is that when I write on paper, I need to file it somewhere to be able to retrieve it whenever I need to hop onto one of my trains. Noodle House has provided me with just such a filing cabinet. Now all I have to do is let the trains loose in my noodle and doodle away.

Of course, Noodle House has also let me save on pens, pencils and paper that I was wasting with my scribbling.