Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mental Lacuna

The difference between an addiction and a habit, apart from the spelling, is the fact that an addiction has all sorts of bad imagery associated with it whereas a habit has managed to keep its nose clean and itself far from any negative connotations. One other difference could be the fact that a habit can become an addiction but the same is not possible in the opposite direction. Anyway, there's a reason why I am going on about habits and addictions.

Ever since I started Noodle House, I have more or less managed to write once a day. I have, more or less, managed to post a post before I hit the sack for the day. And I have, more or less, always written the posts using my laptop. The 'ever since I started' part is now over 2 months old and Noodle House is around 80 posts old. And of these, most of them have been shaped and worded while fighting sleep, seated at my desk in my house. But today, I am changing the setting. Breaking the mold, so to speak. As I continue to sit at the coffee shop, I have realized that, along with the tall glass of iced-tea, I have an extra serving of time on my plate. So I am using it to write here.

This brings me to my actual point about habits, addictions and their assorted forms and relatives. So I found some time, which mysteriously ended up in my hands, and here I am blogging. Is this an indication that I am addicted and have to do it at every opportunity and half-chance that I get? Or has it simply become a habit to automatically start thinking in terms of blog posts and then put it all down on paper so as not to lose the thought? Or is it indicative of a certain lacuna in my mental makeup that makes me turn to blogging when I am in a coffee shop having iced tea!?

I vote for lacuna.


~Deb said...

Not a bad addiction at all! 80 posts? That's great! Keep it up! I'm gonna link you if you don't mind, I enjoyed reading some of these posts! You write well!


me said...

Thanks Deb. Glad you liked it. It's such a rarity these days!! ;o)