Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Weird Day

During the course of the day, since I had nothing better to do, I glanced at the Bore'o'graf and wasn't surprised to see the needle threatening to break the stop at the far end of the scale. Given that it was a more than two decades old, analog model, I applied a 20% correction to it but that didn't do much to bring the reading down. Anyways, this is where the day briefly took a weird twist. After using the Bore'o'graf, I wanted to confirm my state of being by taking a quick peek at the Drowse'o'scope, for obvious reasons. I took out the Tired'o'scope instead, purely by mistake, and was about to keep it back when I happened to take a look at the dial. I was taken aback to see that here also the needle was straining to break free!! I was suddenly excited. These two readings were effectively saying that there I was, bored out of my head and dead tired doing it!!

What little brain I have was almost on the verge of vacating its present digs when it stuck me that this could happen under some extraordinary situations. To confirm that thought, I dug around and found my latest gadget. And the readings that I saw on the Noodle'o'gram put everything into proper context. You see, the Noodle'o'gram doesn't give just one reading like the others, it gives two. One is for supposed brain activity (a reading above zero confirms you have a brain!) and the other is for physical activity. And it comes with a set of tables to co-relate these two readings. The un-co-relatable readings that I got from this, finally managed to explain the other two seemingly anomalous readings.

I say so because the readings for brain activity were disproportionately very high when compared to those for physical activity. The physical activity I was involved in was to type a document for which the greatest amount of brain activity required was to make sure that I could hunt-and-peck at the keyboard to keep up my regular speed of around 15 words per hour, spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes included. This easily explained my boredom. And the above mentioned very high brain activity explained my tiredness. But the reading for the physical activity didn't warrant the corresponding reading for mental activity and that was the anomaly.

That's when I realized what was happening. Instead of just thinking about my document and hunting-and-pecking, I was also thinking about the wise one. Today was the wise one's birthday and I hadn't yet got a gift. I am a guy who thinks that gifts must be useful in the day-to-day life of the receiver. This makes it difficult for me to pick up gifts for people and more so, if it's for the wise one. And that thought had been doing the rounds in my brain as if it was practicing for the marathon in the Beijing Olympics. Given this level of brain activity, no wonder I was so tired! And since I was able to account for all the readings, the brief two second excitement came to an abrupt end and I slipped back into the boredom of the day.

I have had my fair share of experience with weird days and as those things go, today was a fairly representative specimen.


cyberpenguin said...

Hi Vishnu,
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me said...

Thanks. :o). Appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

so what did you get the wise one eventually??

me said...

Oh that. I got a pair of sunglasses.