Saturday, September 8, 2007

Less is More

As I sit here, poised to type out the words I want to, I pause for a second to think about the possible ramifications. I have heard of people who have been pink-slipped because of their blogs and more importantly, the content in them. With that the recurring theme in my head, I am contemplating. Am trying to see if what I am planning to write here is in anyway disrespectful or derogatory, of anyone or anything even remotely linked with my place of work. Hopefully I don't get fired because I dared to criticize the company laptop. Especially because I have already done so to anyone in office who appeared to lend me an ear.

I don't like my laptop. There, that's the short version. The long version: It's a 15.4" widescreen lappy which more than meets the challenges thrown its way in my day to day work. It has more hard disk space than I know what to do with. It even has a combo DVD drive. Wait, where is the criticism? Ah, yes, this more than capable laptop becomes my problem when I lift it. Or rather try to lift it. Because instead of lending itself to the regular lifting activity, it forces you to heft it up. And that's just the beginning. This laptop comes with a power brick which sort of takes its name too seriously. Carrying the laptop around is a weighty problem in itself; add the brick to it and the problem transfers itself to the heavy-weight category. I know they want me to be fit and healthy but I would rather they pay my gym fees instead of providing me with the weights!! And that is the only reason why I don't like the laptop.

My idea of a laptop is more like this. A 13" inch or slightly smaller widescreen (preferably with a mirror finish to save me the time it takes to go search for one), a 60 GB HD (This will keep me thinking up of ways to fill it, for the next 4-5 years), one of those power saving, low voltage processors (for longer-than-an-hour battery life and a cooler laptop), 2 GB RAM, a slot drive, 3 USB ports, headphone and mike slots, a card reader, an output port, an extension port and that PCMCI-or-whatever-it's-actually-called slot. And yes, it should preferably have a track pad. Something like this, I believe, would be comfortable to use and to tote around. And I might just end up creating an extremely good initial impression in the clients' minds by looking very hep with a slick looking laptop. (Doubt this would happen but you never know. Hehehe)

I am waiting. When am I getting it?


Slices of Life said...

If you really want to impress your customers, you should get an Estari 2-VU. It's definitely my favourite laptop, even tough it's outrageously

Check out my post about this cool double-screen laptop:

Slices of Life said...

Is this for real? There are really advertisers out there paying up to $80 for a single click? Also, have you ever profited from such ads?

me said...

That's one cool looking piece of equipment there. But how much does it weigh? Because weight is the main issue I am trying to address.

As for the advertisers, I have no idea. :)