Thursday, September 6, 2007

I am a Sinner

As of this hour, it's been exactly 47 hours since I have written anything here. Wow! There was that time, I think a month and half back, when I was worried that I would lose my identity if I didn't write here everyday or something to that effect. But now I am not making as much noise about missing almost missing two days in a row. No, it's not that I have added writing to the long list of things that I have started just to give them up. I realize that it was practically impossible for me to write even my name, leave alone writing anything here, during those 47 hours.

It was not something as dramatic as an injury to my hand. It was just a maddeningly freakish combination of work and rain that had conspired to keep me from my laptop. And it took me so long to work my way around that conspiracy.

As is usual for me these days, I got thinking during this forced break. Was thinking about lots of stuff. And this one thought seemed a little more promising than the others for me keep thinking about it a little longer. Apparently there's this thing or concept called the Seven Sins (a.k.a Seven Deadly Sins!). And as far as I can make sense out of it, it's a list of seven traits of human beings that are categorized as sins. And sins being what they are, human beings are not supposed to have anything to do with them. That is, if they want to go to heaven or whatever other place it is that sin-free dead people go to. And some more theological blah blah. I am definitely not the person to talk about it in any way.

But I had to mention all that in-order to create a background for the point of this post that I am now going to come to. In the afore-mentioned sin list, there are two (I looked the list up here, so I know) that I seem to practice as regularly as I breathe. I thought it was funny to see them on that list. And what was even funnier was their 'names' if I might call them that. One is called Gula and the other one is Acedia. Now I am sure, since these are in latin, it makes perfect sense in that language but non-multi-linguist that I am, they just sound funny. And before I forget, in plain english speak, the first one is Gluttony and the second is Sloth (the verb, not the noun).

Gluttony is supposed to stand for over-indulgence in anything, though we commonly associate it with food. And I eat a lot. And I do that lot of times a day. Sometimes I keep doing it throughout the day. And Sloth is supposed to stand for apathy, slowness, unwillingness to act or as we commonly know it, laziness. And that is something I can conjure-up from thin air whenever I want it. And sometimes when I don't want it too.

I was thinking all this when I was getting drenched on my way back home. (Ok not all of it. But I thought enough to help me refine my Google searches once I reached home). And I concluded that the definitions of the sins more or less confirmed what I already knew. The difference is, now I also know they are sins.

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