Monday, September 3, 2007

The fine arts

There are many who say that pursuing fine arts helps in the development of our personality. It adds multiple dimensions to an otherwise single dimensional entity, there-by saving us from being relegated as mere 3 dimensional beings. And given this personality development trait of the fine arts, we find more and more young folks - young in age and young at heart - take to the various art forms. Of course we do come across stray cases where some of those belonging to the young-in-age category are forced into it but that's more an exception than the rule.

To keep with this spirit of encouraging fine arts, today I will try and bring out the nuances of one such art form. It is one of those with which almost all of us are familiar, but which we seldom recognize. I am talking about the fine art of dozing. They also call it snoozing and in the recent times, when it has become fashionable to coin new words and phrases to mean age old things, it's called the power nap. What all these refer to is, of course, that same old 'sleeping-in-your-seat-with-your-eyes-open'.

To take this up, it's not necessary that you need to have an IQ of 150 nor is it required that you display physical characteristics that might lead people to mistake you for that gentleman who is the governor of Californian nor do you have to twirl like a top nor do you have to use those vocal chords. There are absolutely no qualifications required for practicing this art form. People belonging to every age group, irrespective of their physical and mental condition, can take this up. There is not even any special preparation required to take this up, which in my mind, makes this the easiest and the most convenient of the fine arts to pursue.

And let's not forget the advantages. It helps break the monotony of staying awake for around 12 to 14 hours a day, there-by keeping you fresh for longer. It lets you attend all those un-interestingly long and mind-numbing seminars and still remain cheerful and energetic at the end. You will also notice that you are now more inquisitive about what is happening around you, your curiosity is almost always piqued and you have this un-quenchable thirst for common knowledge.

So start today folks. The fine art of dozing: Easy to start, hard to stop, almost no side-effects.


N said...

well-said.. almost no side- effects, barring of course, getting fired if caught performing art when you are supposed to be paying attention!

me said...

Not getting caught is an other fine art in itself which I might talk about in the future. I am just shoring up my experience in that field right now.