Monday, November 19, 2007

A week of reflection

Before I start with my usual serious discourses, just to indicate that I am well and truly back online, I would like to take some time to put down some of the things that I spent the last week reflecting on. The reason for doing this is simple. Given the way things have been put together in my upper reaches, it's a given that there is another week-long break waiting to be taken sometime in the future. When that happens, this account of my reflections from the first time I took time-off might come in handy. If not for anything worthwhile, this will at least help keep me honest when I am reminiscing about that time when I took a week off for the first time.

So I spent the last one week reflecting. Given the amount of reflecting I did, I guess the mirror in my room is just a couple of fragile threads away from cracking. Though I spent the majority of the week appreciating my dark and handsome mug, it’s not the only thing I reflected on. A couple of hours before I realized that in a couple of hours my holiday was coming to an end and that I had to get back to keeping Noodle House open, I decided to reflect on something else. Unfortunately by that time I was so used to my reflection that I really couldn't move too far from my stubble covered profile. Fortunately I was also well equipped to handle such road blocks. Drawing on more than two decades of experience in handling such issues, I did the one thing that had always worked for me during all those times when I had wanted to do something different but couldn't.

I shrugged and gave up.

It didn't stop there. I then had one of those rare moments of clarity of thought that seem to come my way very rarely. The last time I remember such clarity in my own thoughts was probably that time, six years back, when I took a turn too fast on my then-new-bike and skidded. As I skidded, the pain in my knee kept increasing in intensity as it was getting scrapped and I was thinking, "Oh crap!! My knee is getting shredded!" Succinct and to the point. It was exactly the same again. Even as my shoulders were coming down after the shrug, I was thinking, "I am a lazy git!"

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