Thursday, November 1, 2007


Today, so far, has been weird. But this weird is not the weird that happens because weird things happened. Rather this was the weird that happens because even the regular, routine things don't happen. Nothing happened today. In fact, everyone at the workplace thought today was Friday. Only late in the day, when someone happened to look at the calendar, did we realize Friday was yet to come.

Of course things like waking up, going for work, breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and other existential stuff like that happened. What didn't really happen was the other stuff that falls under the not-really-existential-but-equally-important category. Like meeting with clients, troubleshooting, presentation preparation and such which, honestly speaking, is more or less what I do as part of my job. The situation was so dire that I initiated talks with a client offering to go to their office to solve some issues for them and my offer, made out of the kindness in my heart, was kindly and politely turned down. For some reason everyone and everything seemed to conspire today to make this the most boring, unremarkable 'Friday Look Alike' day in the year so far.

Because nothing happened today, I spent it vegetating. Nobody has said anything so far, relating me to a vegetable but I think I resemble this. I guess that's one of the side effects of vegetating. Moreover, since I spent my day concentrating on vegetating, I managed to not notice anything of any interest that would have probably gotten stuck in my head. Instead, a whole stream of non-spectacular, everyday non-ideas and non-thoughts are circulating in the northern reaches of my body. I guess that's the main effect of vegetating.

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