Friday, November 23, 2007

Our world revolves around...

Circa 130 BC. Mark Anthony said, "Friends, Romans, Countrymen. Lend me your ears." Cut to the present. Circa 2000 AD. Mark Anthony's words are now pretty famous. But I am guessing that if the man were to be amongst us today, he wouldn't have wanted to restrict himself to just the Romans or just the Italians. He would probably have said something like "Friends, Humans, Citizens of this world. Lend me your ears. While at it give me your money too because the organizers haven't paid my appearance fees yet and I am damn sure not going to talk for free."

They say human nature hasn't changed all that much since the time we started looking down at the cave men for being 'uncivilized'. That being the case, I am sure Mr. Mark Anthony wanted 'ears' all those years back because that was the accepted currency in those days!! Anyway, I think the point I am trying to make is that irrespective of whether it is 'ears' or 'paper' or something else that is considered as money, the world revolves around it. I heard somewhere that some nice, brainy folks have sort of proved that our world actually revolves around the Sun but it's only the common man in the street that has bought into that whole 'scientific proof' thing. The people who actually know what's going on and are directing the happenings are the only ones who know the truth, the full truth and nothing but the truth. And they all know that the whole 'revolving around the sun' thing is as close to hogwash as any statement can get.

Ok, rant over. Don't expect a reason for the rant because that will just be another rant in which you will be hard-pressed to find any resemblance of reason for this rant. Don't ask for a justification either, for what I said above about mankind and money and revolution, because then I have to think of something that's a little meaningful and my head hurts when I try doing that.

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