Monday, November 12, 2007

Shop Closed

I have decided to close shop. :)

For those of you rubbing your eyes and reading that line again just to be sure, yes you read it right the first time. I have decided to close shop. You can start rejoicing now. For those of you who didn't need that confirmation, I guess you are already deeply immersed in doing the rejoicing thing.

And for those of you who are actually feeling a little bad that I am closing, this is for you. The two of you don't have to feel too bad because I am closing shop only temporarily. I am planning on being back by next weekend and hopefully Noodle House will sport a different look which might be better than the look it's sporting right now (Please do note the highlighted and italicized words because for all that I am promising, you might just as well be coming back to the same old look). As for the content, you can look forward to absolutely no changes there because it will still be me spinning the daily yarn and I am incapable of doing things any better.

So long folks. Be seeing you later. Ciao


Stinkypaw said...

I really hope it's only temporary.

Enjoy the time off and come back soon!

cardiogirl said...

But you just won the "You Make Me Smile" award over at gosmelltheflowers!

~Deb said...

Closing shop and taking a break is sometimes good. Change is always good---I need to break it up a bit with my blog too.

Hope you come back! :)