Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Thought and A Question

It's that time of the year when earthen lamps are back in favor in all the 'electrified' parts. It's Diwali time in my neck of the woods folks. Happy Diwali.

I am sitting here, listening to JLo's songs and thinking. I am not sure if those two mix but I am doing it anyway. The 'spirit' of the festival is getting to me I guess!! The day, so far, has been spent in exponentially increasing my cholesterol count, adding some big numbers to my body fat percentage and making a mockery out of a part of my hard earned money called 'Gym Subscription'. But it's ok 'cause I get official sanction to do this only once per year. After working towards resembling an apple for an entire day, I am now sitting here and thinking.....

.....about Charity. Though I would have liked for that to be a pretty girl's name, it's not. It's "Something given to help the needy" as per the dictionary. And I am thinking that this definition doesn't necessarily cover everything that might come under the 'Charity' banner. If I come across a shirtless person out on a cold evening and give him a handkerchief to wipe his nose, am I being charitable? Or am I being facetious and poking fun at that person at the same time? Or something else?

The answer to what I asked is beyond my modest means. My brain, that marble sized thing rattling around in my cranium, unfortunately has juice enough for only that much thought. So I will leave the questions unanswered for people to ponder over. If anyone knows the answer let me know.


Stinkypaw said...

I see it as helping others in need of something. The description has a bit of a negative connotation "needy", to me, sounds negative. I think if you do an action towards someone else, that is charity. Does that make sense?

me said...

Hmmm. Talking about negative connotations, the word 'Charity' has a negative connotation to me. I would prefer calling an action towards someone as 'Help' instead of charity.