Saturday, January 12, 2008

Someone Understands

I have proof, positive, irrefutable proof that I am not as completely a different species, from the regular 'Homo Sapiens' you might run into on a daily basis, as previously thought. I have two hands, two legs, two eyes, ears, nostrils, one mouth, opposable thumbs, erect posture and the other odd features that are sort of common to the 'Homo Sapiens' clan. Where I differ is in the intellectual stakes, the difference being that they have an intellect whereas I exist without one. But that small difference doesn't make me any less human, it only makes me a little less understood. One of the not-so-obvious reasons for me persisting with Noodle House is in the hope that someday, someone, somewhere will show up claiming to understand what I write here, there by allowing me to prove that I can also be understood.

That moment has come now. Corey, from the Lady Bug Tea Company, not only understands but thinks I am great and this is a great blog. "Awesome" is her word of choice. Being someone who doesn't stop with words, she has gone ahead and made me one of the proud recipients of the "Awesome Guy Blogger" award. Coooooooooollllll!!!

This here is the award and this here is me thanking Corey Irwin for helping me prove that I belong.

Thank you. :)

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