Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Inspiration and Wet Socks

I usually sit down with Noodle House at the fag end of the day. Every time I sit down to present yet another immaculate nugget from my complicated thought process, I draw inspiration, if I can call it that, from the various experiences that I had been part of during the day. My previous entry - A Wish List - was no different.

On that day, I had dressed a little better than I usually do because I was scheduled to stand before a few clients. Of course, someone else was scheduled to do all the talking with the clients but they wanted me there because they probably thought I improved the scenery. So I was ready, my new tie knotted on top of a clean, pressed shirt which was tucked into a pair of neatly pressed pants and my shoes waxed and polished. All my preparations thus in place, I was pretty confident of how I looked. There was nothing more I needed to think about till the actual meeting and I put the thought of it temporarily on the back burner. Instead, on my way to the office, I was thinking about the things I would like to get my hands on. In other words, I was thinking about my actual Wish List.

The moment I put my impending meeting on the mental back burner, I was presented with proof of the fact that someone up there likes to have some fun at my expense. Because as soon as I started thinking that I was prepared for the meeting and started thinking about something else, the skies opened up. The 2 minutes 28 seconds that it took me to slow down, search for the nearest dry spot, park my bike and rush out of the rain was all the time that it took for my pants to get soaked. More importantly, that was all the time it took for the water from my pants to drip down and find its way onto my socks and into my shoes!

Good deed done for the day, the skies cleared up and allowed me, with my water-logged-socks clad feet, to reach office right on time for my meeting. I entered the meeting, grinning and apologizing for my partially wet appearance. And that's how I spent the rest of the day - Grin on my face and feet marinating in wet socks.

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