Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I Am Cynic

So there it is, all warm and fresh out of the oven. In case anyone misunderstands, I'm talking, not about the loaf of bread I wish I knew how to bake but about the New Year! It is so new that if it were a pair of shoes it would smell of crisp tissue paper and freshly polished leather. Of course it would smell of rosemary and thyme if it were Fougasse. Thing is, if it were new shoes, I would have been excited about hopefully looking spiffy; if it were a freshly baked loaf, I would have been excited about finding why the bread always falls buttered side down; with a new year, what do I have to get excited about?

31st December, 2007 - The sun rose in the east, set in the west and was bright and hot in between. People were happy, sad, lazy, busy, hopeful, dejected and all those other things that people usually are. There were chores to attend to, jobs to go to, money to be made, more money to be spent, life to live. In short, everything that everyone does everyday of the year was done on this day as well. There wasn't anything done that couldn't have been done on any of the other 360 odd days of the year. I am refraining from pasting the above words and repeating the same sentiment for the 1st January, 2008 because I guess that would make me look a tad more cynical than I intend to portray myself as being.

Of course, the dawn of the New Year sees one change the calendar hanging on the wall, start a new dairy, add to 'the number which is called your age' and start the only process on earth that has been proven to be more complicated than rocket science (also called Tax calculation). Unfortunately these are not even anywhere in the vicinity of being exciting, unless you happen to sell calendars or happen to be an accountant!! I am neither.

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