Friday, January 4, 2008

My Specialist Eye

In spite of inundating us with their largesse during the fag end of the past year, the rain gods decided that this being a New Year and all, we needed a fresh round of blessings. And they happened to pick today to shower us with their blessings. Whether in one of my past lives or in my currently on-going version, I must have done something bad to those guys. That must definitely be it, because otherwise I see no reason for them to always wait till I get into a position from which I can't escape, before gleefully opening up the skies.

So there I was, in the middle of the road, flanked by a sedan on one side, an SUV on the other and an impatient public transport bus driver behind me in his mobile monstrosity. That was when the skies opened up. With nothing much on me to keep the rain off of me, I promptly got drenched and started shivering so violently that I thought that was what hypothermia felt like. To take my mind off the fast spreading cold in my limbs, I started looking at the one thing that could probably save me from becoming an icicle - the traffic light!

Even as I was looking at the traffic lights and willing them to go green, I was stuck by one simple fact. The human body not only has certain organs for specialized functions but it has organs which start out as general purpose and slowly become specialized in specific functional areas based on usage and experience. This kind of specialization is usually seen only in complete humans and the realization that even an individual organ of the human body can achieve expertise in a focussed functional area in much the same way was a thrill.

That blurred image of the traffic light also told me something else. That I needed to visit my friendly neighborhood ophthalmologist to get my sight corrected!

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