Saturday, January 5, 2008

Question, Answer and a Realization in between.

What is special about 5th Jan, 2008? I do realize that it might be a birthday, an anniversary of some sort or something on those lines for a considerable number of people but I am not asking the question in that sense. Apart from all the personal reasons that make this day special to different people, there is one generic fact about it which makes it special to every single person on the face of this planet. Anyone know what it is? I will give a clue: 5th Jan, 2008 is a Saturday. Think about it.

The other day one of my colleagues, the one who still remembers that I have a place called Noodle House out here in cyber land, pointed me to one of his own places here and said, "I have been writing some utter nonsense recently. Read it." or words to that effect. I wondered why he was labeling himself with such unambiguously negative words. I don't call my own writing nonsense and I know the kind of meaningless drivel I churn out. More to the point, though, was the fact that he had asked me to read it. So he writes nonsense, by his own admission, and I have to read it?! Couldn't get my head around how that worked. Anyway, sitting at home this weekend, I dropped in by his blog and came away thinking that the guy was being completely flippant in his labeling. The blog's called The Raven's Writing Desk (I don't know why he calls it that!) and it was an enjoyable read.

After reading the latest entry he had made in the blog, I thought that may be I should write something on similar lines because, to be honest, I thought I could do a better job. Original ideas were never my strong suit, so I was not too fussed about using someone else's. Anyway, isn't that what the creative people call as 'inspiration'?! Thing is, once I sat down to write I realized that all I could think of was what he had written instead of coming up with anything of my own. I gave up after a while because if I had to write the same things that he had written, I might as well save my time and effort and simply provide a link to his piece instead (This). So that's what this is about. My way of acknowledging that, leave alone building on my own, I can't even build on someone else's ideas.

By the way, any answers to what's so special about the 5th of Jan, 2008? Well whether you got it or not, here is the answer. 'Tis the first day of the first weekend of the new year! Have a good weekend. :)


kab625 said...

Hi and Happy New Year.
I haven't been here in just about tooo long.

I'm glad I stopped by, because I know today is special, whereas, how could I have otherwise known?

Thanks for that.

me said...

:) Glad I could be of service. Happy New Year to you too.