Thursday, October 11, 2007


I never once saw myself in the mold of a proper writer. More than anything, I think I resemble a prolific scribbler than a halfway decent writer by any standards. Assuming scribblers also have some standards, I would seriously be offending them too by calling myself one. Anyway, so I am not a writer in the traditional sense of the word. My grammar is iffy, my vocabulary on the blog owes a lot to the different thesauruses that I have come across on the internet (and that in itself was a stroke of luck because I found an online dictionary that helped me figure out that a thesaurus was not a dinosaur!) and my spelling depends on the spell-check feature in MS-Word and the web-browser much like a patient on life-support depends on the ventilator.

All that is not to say that I haven't ever tried to write or that I haven't tried to improve. I have done both. All those writings I have done on paper are now lost or have been taken by people who probably intend to use them as examples of how not to waste paper and on the improvement front, there hasn't been much. So, given such abysmal standards, it's not such a surprise that the internet is the only place where I could easily publish my writing for public consumption. That and the fact that I figured out how to go about setting up a blog for myself. Ever since I started this exercise, I have known that I was exposing my unsuspecting visitors to the risk of losing what little mental health they might have had coming in.

So I knew that I was a 'dangerous' writer in the above sense but what I didn't set out to be was a 'murderous' blog-layout-color designer. On the color front Noodle House has, over the last 3 months, been plain black, black and gray, black and gray and blue, and now it is black and blue and orange. Agreed, it sort of presents a picture of clashing colors. But what I didn't imagine is the full extent of damage this palette is capable of. According to one person (I don't have a name to go with this person) here, Noodle House has colors capable of man-slaughter! The exact words (entry number 15 on the site): "If colors could kill, this site could have committed manslaughter."

I had a good laugh at that one. Can't say if I agree or disagree with that person because our opinions of what constitutes good looks, color-wise, are obviously not the same. But I would nevertheless be thankful to that person because by picking me out and putting me on his site, he has driven a considerable amount of people my way. I usually have around 10 people a day reading this stuff so a total of 7 people because of this one referral, all from Vancouver, is a whopping 70%.

Like they say, "There is no such thing as bad publicity." Thank you. ;)


Serena said...

I agree, the colours for your blog is very appealing to the eyes. Your musings too, of course. :)

me said...

:). Thanks.

footiam said...

Thank you for responding to my question, 'Is your blog interesting'.I like the Avatar!

footiam said...

And I like the layout, yes!

me said...

Thank you footiam. :)