Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I Am.

All I want to do today is to bring to the notice of anyone willing to notice it, that I have just touched the three figure mark today. Finally.

Very thankful to all my customers for taking the risk and reading the stuff on Noodle House.
I can only speculate about the reasons you would be driven to come here. My first guess would be that you must be really bored. Good. Bored is good.
Some of you seem to be more bored than the others because I have noticed a few who keep coming back. Are you sure you are not suicidal!?
Here let me re-iterate what I have said in my very first post. I am not responsible for the after effects of coming here.
Now, if all you guys out there still want to come in for a dose of arbitrary thoughts that might or might not tickle your funny bone, you are welcome.
Unless you come here because you want to steal my content in which case I have just one piece of advice for you. Go, get your brain replaced!

Precisely on the sixth day of the seventh month of the seventh year of the twenty-first century, I started Noodle House on a whim and a belief that even I can blog.
Racing to a century of posts has only re-confirmed that belief, though, unfortunately, I am not yet sure if my audience agrees.
A lot has happened since the time I started but that has only helped Noodle House thrive, since that is what provides all the fodder I needed for my cannon.
So much more has actually been left unsaid on these pages for the simple reason that I don't have enough memory to remember all the stuff I would like to.
Although what I forgot was probably not worth writing about, that claim can neither be confirmed nor refuted without actually attempting to write about them.
Doing so, though, would have taken up too much of my time, which is another thing I don't have enough of. Ever. Along with stuff like imagination and brains. :)


Anonymous said...

so I am attessting that I read you 100th post. Do you know who I am?

me said...

Hmmm. Am not sure, but you must be from that group that I forced to read my posts at gun point! Right?