Wednesday, October 3, 2007

How I Potentially Changed the World

I am elated. And very happy. Ok, they both probably mean the same. But that sort of reflects my state of mind, so I will keep it as it is. The reason for my very happy elation is that, today, I did something that has the potential to change the world as we know it. Well, actually speaking, I helped kick start the process and once the process runs its natural course, we should have a changed world on our hands. I am looking forward to it (As difficult as it might sound, you can imagine a physically grown up man jumping up and down in excitement. That would be me!).

Let me fill you in with some background and some details. I call myself a consultant because that's what they call me in the place I work. But when I look at my job, after peeling off the different layers it is clothed in and washing away the make-up, it's nothing more than a sales job. There is a product our company puts out. I sell it. Simple. Right? Wrong! Actually it's not so simple like I made it sound. I guess no sales job is. To add to the already abundant lack of simplicity, the product I sell is a software product and my potential customers are companies which are trying their hardest to keep their operational costs down. By now, you must be able to see where I am going with this. Unlike my job, the equation here is simple. I have to sell the product to folks who wouldn't want to see even the shadow of it unless it's given to them for free.

Given that scenario, my current state of glee and happiness can be traced to the fact that a not-so-ordinary deal has gone through. Our customer (whom I can't mention here) is handling a huge project (that I can't name here) in a domain (that I can't specify here) for one of their clients (whose identity I am not at liberty to reveal). Since they cater to a percentage (that can't be specified here) of the global market, this end-client (that I should not name) occupies a highly influential position in terms of influencing future world-wide trends. And because the sale I made is going to benefit said project which is going to in turn help said customer in influencing future trends, I am taking a little credit for having changed the world, whenever the change happens.

In case you had any difficulty understanding the 'details' that I had provided above, you are free to blame the various confidentiality agreements I am working under!


Ropheka said...

Nice Blog :)

me said...

Thanks. :)

Jamie said...

For reasons (unknown to me) I happened to enjoy (for whatever reason) reading through your blog (if that's what this is). : ) Seriously though, I like the way you write!

me said...

Thanks Jamie. It definitely is my blog (I think). :)